Workout July 14: Endurance Treadmill Run

Three cheers for humidity!  And a huge high five for those of you who run in this weather nearly all year!  In Spanish we would call today’s weather a “bochorno,” which, in this context, roughly translates to “suffocating heat.”  [aside: I am 50% Spanish on my mama’s side and was lucky to grow up bilingual!]

So…given given the crazy weather, I opted for the climate controlled treadmill today.   I was scheduled for a 9 mile endurance run and that is exactly what I completed.  I was worried about the ankle after yesterday’s longer haul, but it stood up just fine!  Blessed!

Despite my venue selection, I was still a drenched mess by the time my 9 miles were done.  Squishy socks in my wet shoes, dripping all over the floor of the Y and looking like a drowned rat.  YES!  I took my wet self up to our “Functional Fitness” room and did my isometrics.  I’m sure everyone loved that I was getting everything wet.  Gross, right?!!



Total miles: 9

Speed: 7.3-7.4

Total running time: 1:14

Average HR by mile: 143, 154, 158,161,162,165,166,160,167

RPE: 5


  •  Plank on large rubber ball supported by elbow with feet on bend or rail, small rotation clockwise for 30 sec.@ counter clock for 30 sec.
  • Crabbing with rubber bands, 25 ft out and back to starting line
  • 20 walking lunges each leg with need touching ground gently
  • Medicine ball hamstring; 20 each leg
  • Calf raises, 20 reps each leg.