Workout July 16: Track (and data analysis!)

Track workout today.  It was the perfect morning for laps: overcast and cool, but warm enough to not be freezing.  Mixed endurance, tempo, and recovery for nice variety!  I finished 40 laps (10 miles) in 1:21.  Then I did my isometrics on the fun astroturf.  See my workout breakdown, below.


Empty track and overcast sky!  Perfect conditions.

I am very fortunate to have a Garmin Forerunner 910X and I love it.  But today it seemed to be confused by my laps.  It seemed to have trouble tracking the mileage even though it had found satellites.  Has anyone else experienced this during track workouts or otherwise?

Given my watch issues, I’m not certain that the pace information is 100% accurate.  Regardless, it is super fun to look at my data (I am a HUGE data geek!!).  Looking at my HR and pace data, I can see that my endurance pace can be a bit faster because I never quite hit my endurance HR zone (150-160); I stayed right below or at 150 for the endurance laps.  My tempo pace is about right (target HR zone is 160-165), but I can also push a little faster because I have room on the HR.  And my recovery pace is on point, except for the last round where I just wanted to be done and took it faster.  Isn’t data neat?!


  • 4 lap warm up (HR = 131, pace 9:26)
  • Main set, repeat 3 times

o   4 laps endurance HR 150-160 (Round 1 HR = 141, pace 8:28; R2 HR = 147, pace 8:26; R3 HR = 150, pace 8:10)

o   4 laps tempo HR 160-165 (R1 HR = 160, pace unknown; R2 HR = 163, pace 7:20; R2 HR 163, pace 7:26)

o   4 laps recovery HR below 140 (R1HR = 140, pace 9:18; R2 HR = 145, pace 9:24; R3 HR = 152, pace 8:52)

Total miles = 10

Total run time = 1:21

Average pace overall = 8:06

RPE = 6-7

Isometrics, 3 rounds:

  • No medicine ball, so did regular plank for 1 min
  • 20 walking lunges each leg
  • 20 calf raises each leg
  • 20 single leg lift bridge each leg (no medicine ball for hamstring curls)

I forgot my resistance bands in the morning, so I will do  4 sets of crab walk (25 feet out and back) at night.