Don’t Be a Wimp

In a pep talk for my race last weekend, my running coach told me:

“In the first half, don’t be an idiot.  In the second half, don’t be wimp.”

These were the mantras I needed to get through fifty miles of tough stuff.  In the beginning, I told myself to run within my ability, to not get too winded, dehydrated, or exhausted.  Kept check on my breath and my body.  Ran smooth and light.  I ran smart.  I was not an idiot.  And once I hit the 25 mile mark, I told myself to not be a wimp.  Feeling tired and hot?  Don’t be a wimp.  Glutes and quads screaming at you?  Don’t be a wimp.  Run into a rattlesnake that strikes at you (yes, it happened!)?  Don’t be a wimp.  Final two miles with zero juice left?  Don’t be a wimp.

Here’s the thing: we are given exactly what we can handle.  On Saturday, I was given fifty miles of beautiful Pacific Crest Trail, ridiculously hot weather, and a snake.  And I was strong enough.

You, my friends, are strong enough, too.  So what ever it is, remember: don’t be an idiot.  And don’t be a wimp.