Powerful Positive Wishes

Today, I ponder how we can how we can find real power by transforming our critical and negative talk (both internal and external dialogue) into positive wishes.

Do you realize how often we resort to negative or critical statements?  “I hate my body.”  “My job sucks.”  “I am tired.”  “Don’t throw the ball in the house.”  Even something silly like the phrases “no problem” or “I forgot.”  This type of language is pervasive, yet it does not impact any real change.

What if, instead, you could transform that criticism into positive wishes?  What if we tried:

  • “I would like to weigh 10 pounds less.”
  • “I would prefer to have a more interesting project at work.”
  • “I will get to bed earlier because I need more rest tonight.”
  • “I would like you to take the ball outside to play.”
  • “Definitely!”
  • “I will set a reminder next time.”
Do you see how much more powerful these positive wishes are?  Suddenly, you have goals.  And instead of sitting around complaining, you can move into action and find real change.
Try catching yourself this week and flip negative statements around.  If it works, or if it doesn’t, please share with me!