Spread the Love

I just learned that a good friend unexpectedly lost her partner today to a heart attack.  My friend is devastated over this loss, but she is comforted by the fact that, before he left the house this morning, she told him that she loved him.  She didn’t leave love unsaid today, didn’t let him make assumptions about her feelings.

I am not telling you this story to make you sad, my friends.  I share it because it is a reminder that we should express our love, fully and authentically, every chance we get.  When the moment strikes you, or even when it doesn’t, maybe tell the important people in your life exactly how you feel about them.  Don’t let them assume how you feel, or assume that they know.  Make it clear.

So, go spread some love today!  Not because one day it might be “too late” or because “life is short.”  But simply because you feel it and love is beautiful to share.  And imagine the happiness you will bring!  🙂