The Only Way Out is Through

As I near my 100 mile race, I have started working big-time on my mental and emotional game.  At some point after 60 miles, my physical training will falter.  My body will give up.  To finish, I must rely on my ability to push beyond my physical limits.  When faced with “fight or flight,” I must fight.  Push on.  I am training my mind and soul now.  I am working to accept that pain, grief, fear, and anguish will be part of my journey of 100 miles on August 5, just as it is part of life.  I will not shy away from these feelings.

And instead of asking, “why is this happening to me,” I will say, “this is happening for me.”  I get to embrace this!  I learn from it.  Experience it. I will be going through hell, and I will keep going (as Churchill aptly suggested!).  I get to keep going, until I cross that finish line.

What is your 100 mile journey right now?  Where do you face “fight or flight?”  Are you willing to push on, embracing the pain and accepting the fear?  My friends, sometimes the best way out, the ONLY way out, is through.

 Even in the midst of great pain, Lord,
I praise you for that which is.
I will not refuse this grief
or close myself to this anguish.
Let shallow men pray for ease:
‘Comfort us; shield us from sorrow.’
I pray for whatever you send me,
and I ask to receive it as your gift.
You have put a joy in my heart
greater than all the world’s riches.

I lie down trusting the darkness […]


– Psalm 4, free-form translated by Stephen Mitchell