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Get Grounded

I’m asking you to get grounded.  No, not like your parents did when you were a rebellious teenager.  I’m talking about being connected to your body, to the earth, and to your present, authentic self.


In this crazy buzz of life, we often forget how to be grounded.  We are attached to our technology, spend less time outside in nature and sunlight (or, these days, rain!), eat processed foods and drink too much caffeine to fight our own body’s natural rhythm.  This can make us feel spaced out, stressed, or frantic.  We might have wild mood swings, depression, cravings for sugar, fat and stimulants.


In short, we aren’t living connected to our immediate environment.


If this isn’t you, amazing!  Keep it up!  If any of this sounds familiar, try getting grounded this weekend:


– Movement!  Maybe a spin class (hint, hint), maybe a yoga practice (here is a 10-minute grounding practice:, maybe just a walk away from your desk at work.  Maybe you pick stairs, and find meditation in each step up.  When you move, be very aware of your body: how it feels, the details of each motion, the breath.


– Get outside!  Take a walk.  Find a local trail and hike.  Simply spend an extra moment to look up at the clouds when you are moving from Point A to Point B in your day.  Inhale freshness.


– Unplug!  Unplug from technology.  Pick up an actual book (no, not your eBook).  Stop reading news or Facebook or responding to emails for just 10 minutes (maybe…*gasp*…for a full morning?  A full day?).  Everything on your device(s) can WAIT.  I promise.


See if this works for you.  It has certainly helped me become a better, more focused person who can live in the present moment.

Question Madness

North Face has a new(ish) commercial that really spoke to me.  I begins with a man saying, “It is weird, having people questioning your motivations, questioning your sanity…”
I have definitely had people question my sanity.  Have you?  When you say you wake up to hit the spin studio for an hour before dawn, do you get strange looks?  Have you been called crazy for your dedication to fitness?  Obsessed?  Mad?
Some will say, “obsessed.”  I say, “devoted.”
Some will say, “crazy.”  I say, “calculated.”
Some say, “madness.”  I say, “progress.”
Check our the new commercial here (bonus: awesome Cat Stevens track in the background!):

Yes You Can!

You know those motivational (annoying?) positive affirmations I’m always throwing your way?  And how I’m always telling (commanding?) you to speak positively to yourself?  It turns out that motivational self-talk is one of the most effective ways to boost strength, endurance, and confidence in working out!

A Throwback

If you are on Facebook, you know about Throwback Thursday.  People post “old” pictures of themselves, their kids, their pets, etc.  I have never participated in this … until today.

With having a Facebook page dedicated to fitness, I have joined a community of people who are transforming their lives.  They run, they CrossFit, they eat clean and count points.  They post wonderful endless pictures of their transformations.

Today it is my turn.  Something motivated me to open the photo archives and find a picture of the “old Teresa.”  This picture is from my 26th birthday in 2006.  160+ pounds.  Pre-LASIK.  Pre-fitness.  Pre-running.


I was happy!  I was confident!  I loved myself, truly.  But today I love myself more.  The new me is stronger and healthier.  I like my transformation.


On Being Lonely

“Transform the pain of loneliness into the glory of solitude.”


Being a stay-at-home mom is a lonely job.  Sometimes I go the entire day, maybe even two, without having a meaningful conversation with an adult.  Sure, I talk with my husband and my mama, my two best friends, every day.  I see my wonderful sister and dad almost every weekend.  I try to catch up with my long distance friends once a week, although it is challenging to talk on the phone with my little ones around needing constant attention.  When I can, I spend time with my (few) close friends; a quick lunch, a dinner date, or a hike.

Yes, I casually talk with other mamas at gymnastics, the park, our playdates, preschool drop-off and pick-up.  I chat briefly with the cashiers at Trader Joe’s and Vons; they know us well!  And Facebook, as impersonal as it can be, keeps me “in touch” with the real world.

I am grateful for these interactions.  I live for these interactions.

But those day-to-day, simple and fun adult relationships that I used to enjoy when I was working, before I had kids and became CEO of my household, are gone.  And, friends, sometimes I’m lonely.

Don’t get me wrong and please don’t think I am complaining — I love my job.  I would not trade this amazing experience, this lucky opportunity and blessing, for anything.  But some days the loneliness is overwhelming and painful.  And that is when I turn to running.


It doesn’t make sense, really, because I almost always run alone!  One would think that this would add to my loneliness.  But in running, the pain of loneliness is transformed into the glory of solitude.  In running, I am choosing to be alone.  I am able to be quiet with my thoughts, my goals, my breath and my stride.  And in those glorious moments when I am running, I am not lonely.

Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your own presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement.


Sharing Victories > Winning

Friends, there is no better feeling than sharing running victories with my girl Sammie B.  Tonight she received the first two of many medals we will win together.

My eyes welled with tears and I got goosebumps when I saw this picture from Sammie’s mama:


I was excited when I won these medals, but seeing them on Sammie B?  A far better feeling.  Beyond powerful.

Sammie, we are going to run far.  We are going to run strong.  We are going to run you all the way to Chile and back.  We have already won, my girl.