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Workout July 23: Treadmill Incline

Remember that treadmill incline run last week that I couldn’t finish?  No?  Oh RIGHT, because the blog was down and I didn’t post about it.  Last Saturday, I had this same workout on the schedule: nine miles, speed 7.4, incline 1.5%.  Last week I was total spent by mile 6.  At mile 7, I quit.  Yes.  I just stopped.  I felt guilty for not finishing.  I added the two miles to my run the following day, so not all was lost.  But quitting got in my head.

So when I saw that the same drill was on the schedule for today, I was worried.  I know my coach did it on purpose: he wanted me to conquer this one.

And, friends, I almost didn’t make it today.  The .5% difference in incline really got me and I couldn’t keep the speed up.  My warm up was hard.  The first two miles were hard, so I slowed the speed to 7.3, then 7.2.  I told myself to get to 5 miles and I could get a walk break.  I did and took a quick walk.  Amazing how those quick breaks make a huge difference!

I got back into it.  “Go, just go just go,” I repeated to myself.  But I was fully ready to stop at 8 miles; I started to slow down the treadmill.  Then I remembered last week.  How I had quit.  And I pushed that last mile.  I finished strong and it felt great.


Treadmill= 1.5%

  • 1 mile W/UP @ 7-7.2 (HR 143)
  • 4 miles 7.2 – 7.3 (HR 148, 150, 157, 159)
  • .15 mile walk break
  • 4 miles 7.2 – 7.4 (HR 151, 158, 158, 151)


Total miles = 9

Total run time = 1:14:24

Average HR = 153

RPE = 9