Have a question that is not answered here?  Ask it in the comments and I will respond.  I am an open book!

1. Have you always been a runner? 

No.  I did not run seriously until February of 2013, when a friend suggested that I train for a half marathon with her.  I was convinced that my knees would go bad and that I could not ever go faster than a 10-minute mile.  Prior to my first half marathon in May of 2013, I had never run more than 8 miles.

2.  But you were always fit, right?

Nope.  I had spurts of fitness all of my life, but you would never have considered me an athlete.  I did not play sports in high school or college.  In college and graduate school, I would go to the gym (I studied at UCLA and the Wooden Center was just too terrific to pass up!), but this would come and go in phases.  I gained and lost weight repeatedly.

My first job required endless travel, so I stopped working out regularly and gained loads of weight.  When I moved to Hollywood and started a steady, non-traveling job, I joined the Hollywood YMCA and began to hit the gym regularly.  I ran sporadically with girlfriends; never very fast and never very seriously.  I did 5K races just for fun.

In 2006, I tried spinning as a new form of cardio.  I was instantly hooked.  An instructor suggested that I get my certification and I did.  I taught a Sunday morning class, and later added Saturday mornings and Friday nights.

I started running seriously in February of 2013 (see #2, above).

3.  Do you have a running coach?

Yes, I have an excellent coach.  He has been training me for almost a year.  I have improved beyond what I ever thought was possible under his training.

4.  What running shoes do you wear?

I wear Saucony Kinvara 7 for the road and treadmill; Saucony Peregrine for the trails.

5.  How many days per week do you run?

If I am very lucky, I run seven days a week.  Sundays are reserved for my long(er) outdoor runs.  On Mondays through Saturdays, my runs typically happen on the treadmill.  Some weeks I only get in five runs if I cannot get childcare or need a rest day.

6.  How fast do you run?

It depends on the day and what my workout is.  My most comfortable long distance pace is about 8:15/mile, but I am hoping to improve that!  Always a work in progress!

7. What is the longest you have ever run?

My longest distance to date is 50 miles on April 22, 2017.  I completed it in 9:30, which is the longest length of time I have run continuously.  I hope to increase the distance and time in the future as I train for the Angeles Crest 100!

8.  You cycle and you run; why not do triathlons?

I am not a strong swimmer and I have a paralyzing fear of the ocean.  I have been taking swim lessons and hope to conquer my fears.  One day I will race in tris.


9.  Have you had any injuries?

I have been very fortunate and have not had any serious injuries.  I frequently get pain and inflammation in my sciatic but can manage this with stretch and rest.  I also have a serious case of iron deficiency anemia, which I am working with medical professionals to resolve.

10.  What do you eat?  Are you on a diet?  How much do you weigh?

I eat healthy, clean foods, and lots of them.  I am not on a diet.  See my post about what I eat HERE.  I am 5’8″ and, on any given day, I weigh between 130 and 140 pounds.  At my heaviest (not pregnant), I weighed 170 pounds.  At my lightest (the two weeks before my first marathon), I weighed 119 pounds.


12.  What did you do before you were a mom?

I was a Special Investigator with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Office of the Inspector General.  I investigated uses of deadly force and other special projects.  I have a Master’s Degree in Public Policy, specializing in crime and drug policy.